Casual Relationships

#vistaprc We all know about casual relationships. The Netflix and Chill epidemic has taken over and made an impact on society, including many of you reading this now. In 2018, we are very much in a culture that dictates fast-paced living. We want everything at our fingertips and working for anything seems like a distant memory of […]

Intimate Partner Violence

Definition: Intimate Partner Violence [IPV] “includes physical violence, sexual violence, stalking, psychological aggression (including coercive tactics,) and control of reproductive or sexual health by a current or former intimate partner” (CDC, 2010-2012, p.117). This can include anyone current or past that you have had sexual relations. Are you in an abusive relationship? Check these warning signs […]

Healthy Relationships

#prcvista What do they look like? It’s easy to look around us and know “I don’t want a relationship like that.” Or, “If a guy ever treated me like that, I’d break up with him…so fast.” Pointing out what we do not want comes easily to us, but what about what we do want? More importantly, […]

What your mom wants you to know about Sex

#VistaPRC I am a mother of three lovely (and feisty) girls. My kids are not yet teenagers, but I know they will be sooner than I can even imagine. I also know, as a mother, I can’t talk about sex too soon, and I want it to be a regular part of our conversations as […]

Be Real

#vistaprc BY KAYLA SWATEK Who are you? What do you want to be? Are you open to change? Are you Real? Each of these questions begs a thousand more that determine the type of person you are and will be. The character traits you set your eyes on will dictate your emotions, actions, and language. […]

Relationship Red Flags

#prcvista Relationship Red Flag Warning Inventory In the process of dating, you may find yourself in the wrong relationship. Review the following list and see if you need to re-evaluate the person you’re spending time with. Mark each statement that may apply to your relationship: _ I am pulling away from my friends. _ My […]

Tips for Avoiding Unwanted Sexual Advances

#prcvista Know your sexual limits — Believe in your right to set those limits. If you are not sure, stop. Communicate — Talking is the basis of any good relationship. Tell your girlfriend or boyfriend what you want. Find out what she or he feels. Be assertive — Passivity may be interpreted as permission. Be […]

What Love Language Do You Speak?

BY CALEVIR  #PRCVista Before you can “Love” others, you need to know how you feel loved. New relationships often bring an incredible rush of adrenaline and excitement with them. But before you new love fades away, do you know what really makes you feel loved? Understanding your love language may help you find keys to long-term […]

I Thought of Everyone But Me

I was just like any other 16 year old, playing sports, singing in choir, and involved in many different clubs in school. I had good grades, and my home life was just as normal as anyone else’s. I found out I was pregnant with a baby girl and it was scary; people who I thought were […]

The Abortion Was Scheduled

Shana couldn’t see herself having a child at her age or in her circumstances. She immediately scheduled an abortion with Planned Parenthood, but she also needed someone to help her process what she was feeling. LifeCare was there.