LifeCare is committed to helping you know what to expect from the moment you have a positive pregnancy test. Should you decide to parent, we will be here every step of the way. One of the first things you’ll receive is a free limited ultrasound that will determine the approximate age and size of the baby. A future ultrasound may be able discover the gender. We also have classes that explore the various stages of development, how to take care of yourself while you’re pregnant, how to prepare for your baby’s arrival, and how to go through the birthing process. Ellen, our obstetric nurse, will put your mind at ease and get you ready for your big day. And once your baby is here, LifeCare will remain by your side to help with the resources you need as you learn how to be a good parent.

This series of videos, produced by Baby Center, will give you a realistic and factual account of what is taking place inside your body. Stage by stage, you will be able to view the progress of your pregnancy and the development of your baby.

Week 1 to 9

The fertilized egg makes its way to the uterus; new life has begun! The cells begin to give shape and form to vital organs. By the end of nine weeks, the unmistakable body of a baby is formed.

Week 10 to 14

At 10 weeks, your baby is entering the fetal stage of development. Facial features are defined and tooth buds are beginning to form. Over the next weeks, tissues and organs will rapidly grow and mature.

Weeks 15 to 20

Between 15 to 20 weeks, your baby will more than double in size. As the baby’s body grows, it’s nervous system is rapidly maturing. At this stage, your baby may be able to hear your heartbeat and voice!

Week 21 to 27

When you rub or gentle press on your belly, you may feel your baby squirm or kick in response. Your baby can feel it’s own face now, as well as anything within reach, including the umbilical.

Week 28 to 37

At 28 weeks, your baby weights just over 2 pounds and will more than triple in weight between now and birth. Your baby can open its eyes now and see the light that filters through your womb.